Yakai Mechanical Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Diesel engines
  • 12hp vertical shaft 1 cylinder diesel engine
  • 25HP Inline Cylinder Diesel engine
  • 27HP Diesel engine
  • 25HP Diesel engine
  • Diesel generator
  • Lombardini diesel generator GA-LD310
  • Lombardini diesel generator GA-LD108
  • Lombardini diesel generator GA-LD106
  • 12.5kva Half closed diesel generator
  • Electric outboard
  • 60HP Electric outboard engine
  • 40HP Electric outboard engine
  • 20HP Electric outboard engine
  • 10HP Electric outboard engine
  • Diesel outboard
  • 35hp diesel outboard engine
  • 20hp diesel outboard engine for sale
  • 60hp diesel outboard engine
  • 30hp diesel outboard engine YAK30
  • Pump
  • Honda gasoline trash pump LP40TP
  • Honda gasoline trash pump LP30TP
  • 24HP water pump
  • Gearbox
  • Marine gearbox
  • Car gearbox with 2 cyl diesel engine
  • Car gearbox with 1 cyl diesel engine
  • Diesel inboard
  • Inboard diesel engine Water cooled
  • Inboard diesel engine Air cooled D40H
  • Inboard diesel engine Air cooled D20H
  • News
    Hook machine smashed smuggling ship
    • Guangzhou customs in Nansha destroyed 16 ships "three noes" ship
    • The hammer hammer, saw cutting, a dozen boats were quickly dismantling destroyed. Yesterday afternoon, combat smuggling office Phong Guangzhou customs, Guangzhou City, in conjunction with fishery, frontier defense, maritime law enforcement, in Guangzhou destroyed in Nansha Customs seized 16 ships "three noes" (no name of ship, no ship certificate and no port of registry) ship. diesel generator
    • According to the custom, the 16 ship "three noes" ship was seized the customs anti smuggling operations in all the water on the means of transport.
    • Yesterday, the torrential rains, near Nansha Humen bridge destroyed ships with "three noes" scene, a hook slowly start, lift the bucket to a blue glass steel steamer smashed down, hull is cut a large gap, the bucket second falls, the electric motor was crushed. The hook side, several workers his hammer, three five put wooden bow down. 
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