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  • Lombardini diesel generator GA-LD310
  • Lombardini diesel generator GA-LD108
  • Lombardini diesel generator GA-LD106
  • 12.5kva Half closed diesel generator
  • Electric outboard
  • 60HP Electric outboard engine
  • 40HP Electric outboard engine
  • 20HP Electric outboard engine
  • 10HP Electric outboard engine
  • Diesel outboard
  • 35hp diesel outboard engine
  • 20hp diesel outboard engine for sale
  • 60hp diesel outboard engine
  • 30hp diesel outboard engine YAK30
  • Pump
  • Honda gasoline trash pump LP40TP
  • Honda gasoline trash pump LP30TP
  • 24HP water pump
  • Gearbox
  • Marine gearbox
  • Car gearbox with 2 cyl diesel engine
  • Car gearbox with 1 cyl diesel engine
  • Diesel inboard
  • Inboard diesel engine Water cooled
  • Inboard diesel engine Air cooled D40H
  • Inboard diesel engine Air cooled D20H
  • News
    The development of China's shipbuilding industry and ship manufacturing industry does not match
    • The development of marine equipment industry on the front of the position more
    • According to the national customs statistics, 1~6 months, ship equipment of China's import and export value of $3731000000, growth of 8.7%. Among them, the export of $1511000000, a year-on-year growth of 2.6%, compared to 1~5 months, exports fell by more than 1 percentage points; imported $2217000000, growth of 13.1%, compared to 1~5 months, growth of more than 1 percentage points. The month in June, the ship equipment exported $227000000, down 4.1%. Chain to reduce the export of $73000000, the month exports this year is the lowest since March. The month in June, ship equipment imported US $429000000, up 21.5%. Chain imports increased $43000000, this year is the highest amount of imports during the first half of the month.
    • 1~6 months, China's export ship equipment products are mainly middle and low technical level and price level of equipment spare parts, and relatively high level of marine exports diesel engine, navigation equipment, ballast water treatment equipment and on the word link chain machine, complete sets of equipment and other products and the proportion of small.
    • 1~6 months, China's exports of equipment to the 6 continents in 193 countries and regions. Asia is still the largest ship equipment export market, accounting for more than 50 percent; exports to Europe accounted for 20.8%; 14.7% growth than North America, exports accounted for more than 14.6%, 13.4% growth.
    • 1~6 months, China's exports of ship equipment, general trade is the main trade way, representing a 16.6% increase over 50%; processing trade, exports accounted for 38.2%, down 16.3%; the special customs supervision area logistics goods trade exports accounted for more than 3.8%, 84.1% growth.
    • 1~6 months, China 30 provinces export ship equipment, among them, Jiangsu province exported 486000000 US dollars, accounting for more than 32.2%, down 2.9%; Guangdong Province export equipment of $291000000, accounting for 19.3%, down 4.1%; Shandong province exported US $148000000, accounting for more than 9.8%, 10.3% growth.Diesel pumps
    • 1~6 month, imports of equipment in China a total of 23 major categories, 2217000000 dollar, grow 13.1% compared to the same period. The ranking of the top three categories of imports accounted for more than six into a half, thus greatly boosting imports during the first half of ship equipment upgrade. Among them, marine diesel imports accounted for more than 26.8%, an increase of 5%; imports of radar and radio navigation equipment parts accounted for more than 25.9%, an increase of 22.4%; marine propellers and blades imports accounted for more than 14.3%, 22.9% growth.
    • 1~6 months, China's imports from 60 countries and regions, ship equipment. Among them, the Asia is the main market, imports from Asia accounted for 9.8% increase over 49%; imported from Europe, and the proportion of increase was greater, respectively 42.5% and 19.1%; from North America imports accounted for more than 7.9%, 3.6% growth.
    • 1~6 months, China ship equipment import, processing trade is the main trade way, imports accounted for 62.8%, an increase of 12.6%; imports of general trade accounted for 32.7%, an increase of 13.1%; import customs special supervision of the district logistics goods trade accounted for more than 3.1%, 73% growth.
    • 1~6 months, China 29 provinces import equipment, among them, Jiangsu province is the first province in China ship equipment imports, accounting for more than 22.9%, down 1.7%; Shanghai imports accounted for 14.4%, up 1.5%; Guangdong province imports accounted for more than 12.2%, 4.5% growth.
    • Should be recognized, the development of marine equipment industry and ship manufacturing industry does not match is a serious problem existing in China's shipbuilding industry for many years, and has seriously restricted the healthy development of shipping industry and growth. Generally, China's export ship domestic equipment loading rate of around 50%, but the reality is not so high. As I learned in Jiangsu a Nantong shipyard, supporting domestic equipment they built export shipping rate is about 20%. The reason is th. The reason is the foreign shipowners specified to import equipment from abroad, a lack of confidence in the Chinese equipment. As early as the expert points out, should put the development of ship industry on the front of the position more. The shipyard is responsible for people also think, at present, should be to develop China ship manufacturing industry, formed a complete industrial chain, the development of ship assembly plant in superior position. It should be encouraged and vigorously promote the equipment manufacturing industry, and proposed the establishment of special study, real operating conditions when we ship loading rate and a large number of domestic ship ship equipment industry park. The government should further increase the ship supporting industry chain of attention and policy support. Only the equipment manufacturing industry of our country develops, be strong, there will be industry of our country shipping powerful.
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