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Diesel engines
  • 12hp vertical shaft 1 cylinder diesel engine
  • 25HP Inline Cylinder Diesel engine
  • 27HP Diesel engine
  • 25HP Diesel engine
  • Diesel generator
  • Lombardini diesel generator GA-LD310
  • Lombardini diesel generator GA-LD108
  • Lombardini diesel generator GA-LD106
  • 12.5kva Half closed diesel generator
  • Electric outboard
  • 60HP Electric outboard engine
  • 40HP Electric outboard engine
  • 20HP Electric outboard engine
  • 10HP Electric outboard engine
  • Diesel outboard
  • 35hp diesel outboard engine
  • 20hp diesel outboard engine for sale
  • 60hp diesel outboard engine
  • 30hp diesel outboard engine YAK30
  • Pump
  • Honda gasoline trash pump LP40TP
  • Honda gasoline trash pump LP30TP
  • 24HP water pump
  • Gearbox
  • Marine gearbox
  • Car gearbox with 2 cyl diesel engine
  • Car gearbox with 1 cyl diesel engine
  • Diesel inboard
  • Inboard diesel engine Water cooled
  • Inboard diesel engine Air cooled D40H
  • Inboard diesel engine Air cooled D20H
  • News
    CSIC optical fiber sensing security technology has reached the leading domestic level
    • Recently, the optical fiber vibration sensing alarm system seventh, five Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corp, after the performance test of more than half a year of optimization and improvement, has successfully overcome the technical difficulties and high precision positioning vibration point, make the system positioning precision is up to 50 meters, and in the domestic same industry manufacturers and technical indexes of 100 meters, has reached the leading domestic level.
    • The optical fiber vibration sensing alarm system is a security alarm system constructed by laser, optical sensing and optical communication technology, modern defense system is a threat to public safety emergencies, monitoring and alerts. The system is mainly applied in the field of border defense, perimeter security surveillance, home security system, pipeline protection, communication and power cable protection, and has wide application prospect in the military and civil fields.
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