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  • Products
    10kva Silent diesel generator
     Comparing with other generators with same output, it is of compact structure, light weight an
  • Product introduction
  •  Comparing with other generators with same output, it is of compact structure, light

    weight and reliable performance. With the application of intelligent control panel, automatic shifting switch and new-generation intelligent AVR, LP12000LTA is much more competitive than the other generators in the market.
    Model LP12000LTA3
    Rated frequency Hz 50  60
    Rated output power( KW) 9  10
    Max. power( KW)            10 11  
    Rated voltage( V) 400/230 416/240
    Phase No. Three
    Power factor (cos) 0.8(lag)
    Insulation F
    Pole No. 2
    Exciting way Brush, exciting-self voltage-constant (with AVR)
    Panel type Intelligent
    Output socket Three-phase socket,single-phase socket
    DC12V output 12V, 8.3A
    Dimensions:LxWxH (mm) 970x720x740
    Net weight (Kg) 215
    Noise (7m)dB(A) 70
    Structure type full-closed,silent
    Engine model LP2V86
    Type V-twin, two-cylinder, four-stroke, DI
    Cylinder No. bore xstroke (mm) 2-86x72
    Total displacement ml 836
    Rated power kW/ rated speed r/min 12/3000  13/3600
    Compressed ratio 20:1
    Cooling way Air-cooled
    Lubricating way Pressure & splashing
    Starting way Electric
    Fuel used 0#(summer)-10#(winter)-35#(cold winter)light diesel
    Oil used SAE10W30 (CD grade above)
    Lubricating oil capacity (L) 2.8
    Starting motor capacity (V-kW) 12V  1.4kW
    Dynamo capacity (V-A) 12V  8.3A
    Battery capacity (V-Ah) 12V  45AH
    Fuel consumption (g/kW.h) <=285      <=310
    Fuel tank capacity of the generator( L) 25
    Continuous operation time of the generator(H) 8.5        8
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