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  • 12.5kva Half closed diesel generator
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  • 12.5kva Silent diesel generator
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  • Products
    12.5kva Silent diesel generator
     Comparing with other generators with same output, it is of compact structure, light weight an
  • Product introduction
  •  Comparing with other generators with same output, it is of compact structure, light

    weight and reliable performance. With the application of intelligent control panel, automatic shifting switch and new-generation intelligent AVR, LP15000LTA3 is much more competitive than the other generators in the market.
    Model LP15000LTA3
    Rated frequency (Hz) 50       60
    Rated output power (kVA) 13     14
    Max. power (Kva) 14        15.5
    Rated voltage (V) 380/220  416/240
    Rated current (A) 18.8    19.5
    Phase No. Three 
    Power factor   0.8(lag)
    Insulation F
    Pole No. 2
    Exciting way Brush, exciting-self voltage-constant (with AVR)
    Panel type Common/Intelligent
    Output socket Three-phase socket,single-phase socket
    DC12V output 12V, 8.3A
    Dimensions:LxWxH mm 1040x660x740
    Net weight Kg 245
    Noise (7m)dB(A) 70
    Structure type Fully closed
    Engine model LP2V88
    Type V-twin, two-cylinder, four-stroke, DI
    Cylinder No. borexstroke (mm) 2-88x72
    Total displacement (ml) 870
    Rated power kW/ rated speed r/min 13/3000 14/3600
    Compressed ratio 20:1
    Cooling way Air-cooled 
    Lubricating way Pressure & splashing
    Starting way Electric 
    Fuel used 0#(summer)-10#(winter)-35#(cold winter)light diesel
    Oil used SAE10W30 
    (CD grade above)
    Lubricating oil capacity (L) 2.7
    Starting motor capacity (V-kW) 12V  1.4kW
    Dynamo capacity (V-A) 12V  8.3A
    Battery capacity (V-Ah) 12V  45AH
    Fuel consumption (g/kW.h) ≤298     ≤320
    Fuel tank capacity of the generator (L) 30
    Continuous operation time of the generator (H) 9           8.5
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