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  • 12hp vertical shaft 1 cylinder diesel engine
  • 25HP Inline Cylinder Diesel engine
  • 27HP Diesel engine
  • 25HP Diesel engine
  • Diesel generator
  • Lombardini diesel generator GA-LD310
  • Lombardini diesel generator GA-LD108
  • Lombardini diesel generator GA-LD106
  • 12.5kva Half closed diesel generator
  • Electric outboard
  • 60HP Electric outboard engine
  • 40HP Electric outboard engine
  • 20HP Electric outboard engine
  • 10HP Electric outboard engine
  • Diesel outboard
  • 35hp diesel outboard engine
  • 20hp diesel outboard engine for sale
  • 60hp diesel outboard engine
  • 30hp diesel outboard engine YAK30
  • Pump
  • Honda gasoline trash pump LP40TP
  • Honda gasoline trash pump LP30TP
  • 24HP water pump
  • Gearbox
  • Marine gearbox
  • Car gearbox with 2 cyl diesel engine
  • Car gearbox with 1 cyl diesel engine
  • Diesel inboard
  • Inboard diesel engine Water cooled
  • Inboard diesel engine Air cooled D40H
  • Inboard diesel engine Air cooled D20H
  • Industry
    Four tug pulled vessel aground
    • In September 25th coal Round Stranded
    • At noon on the Ningbo cargo ship registered "expand 5" wheels on the portbecause of the way the crew judgment error deviation, stranded in Dongduchannel.
    • September 27th work began to load reduction
    • After the incident, the Xiamen maritime bureau joint rescue parties to formulate"load shedding scheme; refloating" using excavators, slowly the coal transport to the barge, about 8 days to complete a large number of oil, coal unloadingtransport work.
    • In October 7th the tug pulled vessel aground
    • At 10 am, Xiamen port of climax, 4 tug side pull side push, coupled with their hostforce, slowly, "expansion of 5" wheel slowly withdraw from the shallow waters, ten ten successful refloating.
    • Yesterday morning, the unloading reduce draft stranded collier "expanding the 5"wheel, in the rescue tug even push belt pulled from waters out to, ran aground,berthing pier, in order to further "examination". (reporter Yao Fan perturbation)
    • Report from our correspondent (reporter Xu Jingming Liu Shaohui correspondent) after 12 days of trying to rescue, 10 pm yesterday, "expansion of 5" wheel in the 4 ship tugboat assistance under the tide successfully floated, andsafe berthing port Xiamen Shihushan wharf continue to discharge.
    • At noon on September 25th, carrying 43046 tons of coal Ningbo cargo ship registered "expand 5" wheels on the port because of the way the crew judgment error deviation, stranded in Dongdu channel. After the incident, the Xiamen maritime bureau immediately launched the emergency disposal procedures, the establishment of emergency disposal of the leading group, supervision to implement the main responsibility, sent patrol boats and antifouling boat 24 hoursguards. Through the field detection and stability of the ship structure calculation,help the parties to develop "the aid program load shedding refloating".
    • Load shedding refloating, will "expand 5" wheel of coal unloading part, improve ship stranding loss of buoyancy. "Considering the hull is damaged, do not pose a risk to the environment pollution of Xiamen port, the multi decision load reductionof ten thousand tons of coal." The command center of Xiamen maritime bureaudirector Chen Lufeng introduction.
    • In September 27th, the load reduction work began, two excavators on crane to be transported on a "development round 5", to the rate of 100 tons per hour will slowly transported to the barge of coal. After many efforts, overcome the shallowsea area of operation, lighterage facilities less coal transport, cargo ashoredifficult difficult, took about 8 days has completed unloading transporting work is 105 tons of oil, 8100 tons of coal, to lay the foundation for the safety of shipsrefloating.diesel generator
    • After the actual load shedding jobs found at this time, "expansion of 5" wheel hasthe ability to refloat. "We originally planned attempts to refloat in October 6th, butthe comprehensive consideration of the two day of the tide, decided to choose a more secure in October 7th." Chen Lufeng said.
    • Yesterday morning 10 when make, in Xiamen port of climax, in the pilot of thelead, the four ship tugboat "development round, surrounded by 5" side, the side to push pull, coupled with their host force, slowly, "expansion of 5" wheel slowlywithdraw from the shallow water zone, ten ten, smoothly into the East Du channel,success refloating. After check, ship floating state, stability and water tightsituation normal, basic safety condition of ship.
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