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  • Industry
    "White list" to integrate the curtain opened China's shipbuilding industry is expected to ship "take the lead in Big Brother"
    • Benefit from the shipbuilding industry bottomed out, the shipbuilding industry as a whole to a good first half. At the same time, in order to solve the problem of excess shipbuilding capacity, recently, the Ministry of Industry issued the first in line, "the shipbuilding industry norms conditions" corporate public list (industry called "white list"). 
    • MIIT said, "white list" will provide the basis for national and local policy support and guide social resources to meet the conditions of competitive enterprises concentrate, focus on bank credit and government support. 
    • Earlier, the relevant department of the Ministry of Industry to the "Securities Daily" reporters, such policies can be adjusted to optimize the layout of the ship industrial productivity, strict control of new shipbuilding, ship repairing, marine engineering equipment infrastructure, meanwhile, will promote corporate mergers and acquisitions the development of an internationally competitive enterprise groups ship. 
    • Insiders said that the development of a "white list" The purpose is to guide the allocation of resources flow to high-quality companies, bank credit and government subsidies are shortlisted shipyards will tilt, but not short-listed SMEs will face difficulties financing dried up and the lack of government support . 
    • Shipbuilding integration prelude electric outboard motor
    • It is understood that the Ministry of Industry issued the first "ship industry standard conditions" list of 51 companies public enterprises, Liaoning, one seats, 13 seats in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and seven seats, two seats, Fujian, Jiangxi, two seats, four seats, Shandong, China Shipbuilding Corporation subsidiary 10 seats, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, a subsidiary of five seats, the China ocean Shipping (Group) Corporation, a subsidiary of 4 seats, China shipping (Group) Corporation, a subsidiary of a seat, outside China transportation subsidiary CSC Holdings Limited 2 seats. 
    • In addition, there were reports that a few days ago on the "inland waterway vessels standardized regulations (amendment)," to the public for comments the Ministry of Transport. Draft regulations, the Ministry of Transport to use economic, administrative, technology policy and other measures to support and encourage the use of advanced and applicable technologies waterway transport ship, the ship does not comply with the new standards being used, does not comply with the new specification ship safety and environmental protection and small tonnage vessels lockage, guide and encourage update transformation; need to be taken to prohibit lockage prohibited in certain navigable waters, the deadline eliminated and other restrictive measures, should the owner be compensated. 
    • Draft also stipulates that any organization or individual shall construction, reconstruction cementitious ship, the total length of 5 m above the wooden vessels engaged in inland waterway transport. New construction, renovation inland waterway vessels shall comply with the mandatory requirements of the Ministry of Transport to develop series of standards containing the ship's main dimensions, fuel consumption indicators, ship emissions targets and other indicators of river transport ship standard ship Index System. 
    • The introduction of these two policies, some analysts believe that, for the shipbuilding industry is two positive, "Amoy new leaf" helps digest our current excess production capacity, while the "white list" of baked help has the advantage of shipbuilding enterprises get more advantages of resources, with optimized allocation of resources. 
    • In fact, recently, following the Ordnance Group, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (hereinafter referred to as: CSIC) Group has become one of the top ten military launched a comprehensive reform of the military industrial complex. The China Shipbuilding Industry Heavy as the main listing platform, will become part of the "mixed change" the biggest beneficiaries. 
    • Although the China Shipbuilding Industry Heavy inject assets of the integration process will take some time, but it also releases the guide social resources to the advantage of corporate concentration signal. 
    • Meanwhile, some industry insiders predict China Shipbuilding Group will inject assets possible. 
    • Wangshu Wei Shun Securities researcher believes that the path of integration in the boat industry assets, the Group's more likely will be "the first of the South, North, across multiple platforms, of territorial integration" principle, the ship is about to inject Huangpu Wenchong Shipyard International, the southern shipbuilding (Group), Hudong China, Shanghai Shipyard and other assets into the Chinese ships. 
    • Wangshu Wei projections, 2013 Hudong China (Group) and Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) revenue of about 23.5 billion yuan, accounting for more than half of the expected military revenues of about 13 billion yuan, net profit of about 400 million yuan. If the partial divestiture of poor profitability, net profit is expected to inject the size of nearly one billion yuan of assets, into military-related assets will expand its core business and enhance future growth. 
    • Chinese ship led 8.67% 
    • Whether it is "inland waterway vessels standardized regulations (amendment)" and "ship industry norms condition" introduced two policies, or China China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry and asset injection expectations, there are indications that the shipbuilding industry is about to usher in a consolidation tide. The final beneficiaries of this integration is undoubtedly such as China and the China Shipbuilding Heavy Industries such large-scale shipbuilding listed companies. 
    • Subject to the impact of the introduction of a variety of good news, the ship's recent market performance of listed companies is quite prominent. Based on current market performance, following the concept of Chinese heavy industry had led the military ship plate, Chinese ship again on October 9 to take the lead ship plate to lead the rise. 
    • Data show that as of October 9 closing, the sector average rose 2.81 percent. Stocks, China Shipbuilding rose 8.67%; Sunbird rose 4.96%; Sainty Marine rose 2.33%; Yaxing chain rose 1.59 percent. 
    • Ships in the sector as a whole rose, the Chinese ship rose up, and this year's first half performance from the company's point of view, the company's current rally has not exceeded expectations. Wangshu Wei Shun Securities researcher expects the company into the military if the estimated fair value of the assets of 400 million yuan, target price six months after the company forecast for 30 yuan / share. 
    • According to the China Shipbuilding 2014 report shows that in the first half, the company achieved operating income of 13.823 billion yuan, an increase of 26.52%, 51.19% of the annual plan is completed, the net profit attributable to parent company 119 million yuan, an increase of 143%. 
    • Wangshu Wei said the company's performance and substantial growth in the marine engineering business to achieve a breakthrough, the rapid growth of new orders. "The first half of this year, the company's sustained and rapid development of the marine engineering business, the completion of the delivery of jack-up drilling platform a marine engineering business income of 2.64 billion yuan, more than 2013 full-year income scale, an increase of 220.6%. Meanwhile, the company undertake marine business contracts amounted to 2.498 billion yuan, of which the construction of jack-up drilling platform 2, Block 2, maintenance projects, and last year a new jack-up drilling rig to undertake six. "
    • The company said, because in January 2014 to complete the work in September so that a relatively large increase total revenue increases, and last year's gross profit increased in January to September net profit attributable to the lower number of the parent company and other reasons, the company is expected in early cumulative net profit of the reporting period to the next will be a relatively large increase compared with the same period last year. 
    • In addition to substantial growth in Chinese ship performance, the first half of this year, the shipbuilding industry in general performance of listed companies to achieve profitability, only * ST Steel and Guangzhou Shipyard International reported losses. 
    • In this regard, insiders to the "Securities Daily" reporters, said that with quality resources to focus on large-scale shipbuilding companies, shipbuilding polarization will occur, as a "white list" of key shipbuilding enterprises will get more orders, while some other backward production capacity, not competitive shipbuilding enterprises will face no one can take the final collapse of the results.
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