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    Finally hulled boat talk bye

     Final farewell predictable, after July 31 retired steel vessels spike wheel 214, the Pearl final round 217 antique spike also completed a 30-year service period last ride in the sunshine and the wind blowing in the river the stealthy retreat. Starting today, the Pearl will never see this crew is nicknamed as "steel earners," the old man up. 

    With the July 31 farewell round of collective nostalgia spike 214 yesterday, and then bid farewell to spike wheel 217, the neighbors have the mentality of a lot of calm, not specifically come off. City ferry companies also deliberately leveling the five had opened over 217 captain for it off and interviewed by the media, but the neighbors did not therefore move, the boat is still as usual hurry hurry. 
    Last day of service, from the sand pier to pier Fangcun is still running in between the two sides a living Uncle lady, young people take the subway to catch a bus to go to work, it was too late to slow down and take a boat to enjoy the riverside scenery. 
    Small groups, such as neighborhood boat on the shore, mostly his bicycle or electric small three, the car just big bags filled with sand or aquatic Qingping market goods into the Chinese herbal medicine market. Heavy cargo trolley wheels are pressed into the semi-deflated, get help shore when sailors on board even hold the frame behind the cart down. 
    Captain Zhihua said fangcun a 1980s with various plants, GSI wide variety of steel and building materials company, a boat is crashing to the factory workers, and sometimes people have to wait four Five teams, sailors even rope separated the people to maintain order, but gradually the various factories are either relocated or closed, fewer and fewer factory fangcun boat people has become more sparse, sand fish market in recent years by Chinese herbal medicines and Qingping market just go purchase some boat neighborhood, the number of boats in each class will probably ten to twenty people, never see past a ship loaded a scene of two hundred people. 
    Experienced in the 1980s pomp of people crowded boat, and then compare changes in the moment, and perhaps will have time-warped sense of gloomy, but for the last couple of years before the boat's 新街坊, the few people who do not care, as long as the ride boat convenient on the line. 
    "After the steel earners do not open, will not have a new ship to replace it? New boat big enough, do not put too placed under the loading of small three-wheeled electric car?" Weekly to and from the fish market to purchase fangcun and sand Mr. Wang's stall south are reporters asking. Because electric cars can not take the subway transit, weekly delivery across the river ferry, he can only choose to spend three dollars a trip, economical and affordable, suspended ferry typhoon hit, he can only spend 80 bucks petit delivery truck , expensive and inconvenient. 
    After a final farewell steel Aberdeen, captain Zhihua Jinshazhou to go away from the sand bar new water routes. Resembling a luxury yacht than a new water bar, stupid steel sink Aberdeen undoubtedly antique, but Zhihua said he will miss the rest of my life partner, a little old man's. In the Pearl River passenger ship ran for 26 years, he witnessed the passenger ship into a steel boat on the Pearl River Cement boat from the water and into the new water bar. Previously only Haizhu Bridge and the people on the Pearl River Bridge, the bridge has now been turned into a tunnel seven, Pearl River Cottage grow from the past a lot of tall buildings, neon night on the shore of the night, the more flashes. 
    Ship changed, the Pearl River King changed, only the east of the Pearl River water has not changed. 
    Reporter's notes 
    Nianba load with the wind and waves 
    "Thirty years ago, many mainlanders shoulders carrying a snakeskin bag, squeeze onto the ferry handheld Guangzhou maps Today, the tide has turned shoulder with a digital camera in his hand, is iPhone." This is a turbine working bell t witnessed "steel earners" 217 past and present. 
    Noted spike wheel 217 news retiring last month on the 15th I embarked on its deck. That night happens to be this year's No. 15 strong typhoon "Seagull" on the eve of the landing, spike wheels 217 are bound for the new fish beads Chau Pier Pier, River unusually turbulent waves, the captain 凌展云 the passengers to the dock after fish beads arranged to ferry crew fixed at the pier. Suddenly, the storm hit, it makes me do a cameo sailor's thrilling, but for 53-year-old bell t who have become accustomed. From 1986 he became a sailor, started floating in the Pearl River. On the "steel earners" he witnessed much joy and sorrow: There embracing a lifelong young men and women kiss given in the breeze, there are ragged destitute who commit suicide in a river more persons. Boat people have their own stories, and "steel earners" always quietly listening. 
    Yesterday, after the sand dock clock t send the passenger cabin, as usual onto the gate, but also like to push the "steel earners" 30 years of service gate. 
    9 new ferry to replace steel vessels 
    With toilet, cycling drop zone and eight video surveillance points 
    Southern News Guangzhou Zhujiang last one "steel earners" after the spike wheel 217 boats retired, is the new ferry built to succeed this year, "Spike Water Ba 52 'boat. City Ferry Company yesterday for the first time introduces the characteristics of this new ferry. 
    According to the municipal ferry company, in accordance with planning requirements, within this year, plans new office nine new ferry service to supplement the capacity to terminate 9 "Spike round 2" series of ships. Currently, nine new ferry ship construction have been completed, including a complete acceptance, complete documents, officially put into operation a. The remaining eight ships will be put into operation this year, and is mainly used for crossing the river routes. 
    Compared to the old ferry, the ferry there are many new improvements and perfected. The new ferry 27 meters long and 8 meters wide, load capacity of 299 class. The new ferry will be raised to 2.5 meters in height cabin interior clean and bright, orderly arrangement of seats, trunks semi-enclosed design with removable push the window, also added to configure the fan. Semi-enclosed boat designed to improve child safety. In addition, the tail of the middle aisle in the cabin also has public health. The new ship is also provided at the aft deck of the bicycle placed special region, which is 7 meters long, 1.8 meters wide, enough to accommodate 12 bicycles. In addition, the series of single ship design (passenger area concentrated in one, two open-air splint mainly used for driving, crew work, Outlook, etc.), good stability, strong wind resistance. Board comes with eight video surveillance points in favor of the crew cabin passengers grasp of trends and circumstances surrounding the ship. 
    49 Muke boat 
    1952 --1,953 years, the ferry company has built a "round of 01" (1964, vessel name "round" unification renamed "Yue Sui crossing", number unchanged) to "round 12" Total 12 Muke ship. With the increase of urban population, increasing passenger crossing, to the end of 1961, the company's new office shipyard last one Muke boat "round 42" factory and put into operation, with redeployment and purchase of wood case boats, totaling 49. 
    19 steel mesh water Nai boat 
    The late 1960s, shipbuilding timber shortage, coupled with constraints, there has been the construction and use of steel mesh water Nai ship this transitional phase. 1967, the Guangzhou Municipal Construction Committee, Guangdong water Nai shipyard will build a steel mesh water Nai allocated to City ferry boat company as a ferry crossing (ie Guangdong Guangzhou crossing 43 boats) trial. June 1970, the ferry company independently designed and built the first one 10 9.61 gross tons, 350 class steel mesh water Nai ship "Yue Sui crossing the 44 boat" (First named "self-1"). Until the end of 1981, the ferry has a total of 19 such vessels. 
    53 steel liner 
    1978, the Guangzhou Municipal Construction Committee of the steel ship "pay far on the 1st" from offshore companies allocated to City Ferry Company, is mainly used for receiving foreign dignitaries to visit the Pearl purposes. Then, 500 class of steel boat "Guangdong Guangzhou crossing 503" and "Guangdong Guangzhou crossing 504" has built into operation, since the Pearl River water into the steel passenger ship period. 
    From 1978 to 1989, the ferry company built a total of 53 steel liners, including a "spike round two word" series ships have all been terminated services. 
    New Water Pakistani boat 
    April 10, 2007, Guangzhou City opened the first of the water bus routes, namely fangcun - Large routes. 
    2013 was the year the great development of new water bar construction, Guangzhou City added 15 waterbus ships, of which there are seven yachts appearance of new water bar. Within these water bars are laying wood floor cabin, passenger seat is the style soft leather sofas, and is also equipped with an LCD TV, air conditioning systems and voice-stop system. This change marks the traditional water bus transportation to the modern transformation. 
    62 years 
    Pearl River ferry upgrade four degrees 
    Southern News before the founding of New China, Guangzhou Pearl River transport links, thanks to cross water crossing, column boats, sand boats and other tools. These boats are crossing by ferry crossing the wooden boat plans Cardiff, general passenger capacity of six to eight people, a small passenger only two to three. electric outboard motor
    In 1952, after "local state-owned ferry company in Guangzhou City" ("Guangzhou City Ferry Company 'predecessor) was established, ferry passenger traffic was able to develop. So far 62 years, Pearl River ferry boat has been a period of four periods --- wood case, steel mesh water Nai boat period, steel boat period and now the new water-Palestinian ship, ferry jointly supporting four generations of people across the river in Guangzhou transportation.
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