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Diesel engines
  • 12hp vertical shaft 1 cylinder diesel engine
  • 25HP Inline Cylinder Diesel engine
  • 27HP Diesel engine
  • 25HP Diesel engine
  • Diesel generator
  • Lombardini diesel generator GA-LD310
  • Lombardini diesel generator GA-LD108
  • Lombardini diesel generator GA-LD106
  • 12.5kva Half closed diesel generator
  • Electric outboard
  • 60HP Electric outboard engine
  • 40HP Electric outboard engine
  • 20HP Electric outboard engine
  • 10HP Electric outboard engine
  • Diesel outboard
  • 35hp diesel outboard engine
  • 20hp diesel outboard engine for sale
  • 60hp diesel outboard engine
  • 30hp diesel outboard engine YAK30
  • Pump
  • Honda gasoline trash pump LP40TP
  • Honda gasoline trash pump LP30TP
  • 24HP water pump
  • Gearbox
  • Marine gearbox
  • Car gearbox with 2 cyl diesel engine
  • Car gearbox with 1 cyl diesel engine
  • Diesel inboard
  • Inboard diesel engine Water cooled
  • Inboard diesel engine Air cooled D40H
  • Inboard diesel engine Air cooled D20H
  • Industry
    With you know Outboard

    Outboard, by definition refers to the propulsion installed (ship) outside of the hull with the engine, usually hung on the outside of the transom, also known as outboard. Outboard high integration, installation is simple to buy, is the preferred dynamic personal recreational boats, but also widely used in commercial operations, government law enforcement fields.
    According to different sources of energy, outboard into fuel type, and electric outboard.
    Works outboard fuel type is the chemical through the internal combustion engine fuel into mechanical energy, and then through mechanical transmission, propeller boat converted into forward momentum. Suitable for river, lake, river, sea
    1, easy installation, direct the board hanging in the stern, stern shaft alignment, and so there is no complicated links.
    2, no cabin, cabin saving valuable space.
    3, in itself is a complete propulsion system, simplifying the user and shipyards purchase and procurement process.
    4, usually lighter, helping improve the boat, especially in high-speed boats are sailing performance.
    1, because of the restrictions installation must be taken lightweight design, to reduce the weight of the outboard motor while significantly reducing the reliability and longevity. Outboard commercial purpose in life is usually 2-5 years.
    2, the energy utilization is low, poor fuel economy and high cost.
    3, complex structure, moving parts and more, the latter requires a lot of maintenance, high failure rate.
    4, storage transportation inconvenient, gasoline leakage is inevitable, not only bring security issues, while pollution of the surrounding environment. China Maritime Safety Administration has banned many areas over 12 class vessels using gasoline outboard as a driving force.
    With advances in technology matures brushless DC motor and battery technology, electric outboard motor also entered the people's choice. Outboard motor can be recycled for use in a battery as an energy source by the electric motor is converted to kinetic energy. Mainly used for some of the water quality requirements are relatively high places, such as reservoirs and aquaculture waters.
    1, green, zero pollution. This is reflected in two levels. First, environmental pollution, the protection of water and air has a positive meaning; Second is the individual user, the storage, transportation, use very clean, no nasty gasoline, oil, and gas inhalation.
    2, the security. Whether gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, or diesel, are explosive, while ordinary users of non-professional and technical personnel operating there is some risk. Electric outboard motor nothing to worry about such risks.
    3, high propulsive efficiency. Low speed, high torque output characteristics ideally suited ship propulsion.
    4, the use of low cost. Daily charge far less than the cost of buying fuel costs; simple structure, less rotating parts, reliable, low maintenance costs.
    5, storage, transport, and easy to use.
    1, the battery life is limited. Endurance ability of models in the economic speed can only reach 2-3 hours of battery life, although personal entertainment is not a problem, but the business operations must be satisfied by increasing the battery life requirements. 2, the power range is smaller. At present, the largest mass-produced electric horsepower outboard motor is German Torqeedo's 80 horsepower, and gasoline outboard Yamaha, Mercury and other frequently compared to 300,350 horsepower or too small, limiting its application in large vessels.
    3, for the first time higher acquisition costs. As the outboard motor industry, high-end products, to provide users with excellent experience at the same time, because of the cost, the price is higher.

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