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  • Products
    25hp diesel outboard engine YAK25
    Small power, two cylinder, v-twin engine, good for outboard.     Advantages  
  • Product introduction
  • Small power, two cylinder, v-twin engine, good for outboard.





    Product description

    YAKAI diesel outboard engine details: 
    1. water-cooled, 4 stroke, diesel engine, extremely low oil consumption,
    2. Well adapted for whole day, safe and reliable
    3. Good performance for continuation ability
    4. Compaction design, low weight, small dimension
    5. Easy to start, using convenient, simple maintenance
    6. Save fuel: comparing to gasoline engine with the same power,the maximum fuel consumption is only 2-3L per hour. It saves more than 50% fuel
    7. Environmentally friendly, widely used: CE, ISO9001,CCS certificated
    25hp diesel outboard engine parameter:
    Engine type                          V-double cylinders, 4 stroke, water cooled, direct injection
    Bore x Stroke (mm x mm)           2-80×75mm×mm                          
    Displacement of Piston (L)           0.75L                                    
    Rated Speed of Output Shaft (rpm)    4500r/min                                
    Max Output power   KW/Ps         18.4(25)/r/4500/min                     
    Rated Output power   KW/Ps        17/r/4500/min                          
    Direction of Output Rotation       Anticlockwise (from the output side)       
    Valve Clearance (mm)                 0.1-0.15(cold position)                  
    Starting Way                          Electric Start                          
    Fuel Kgf/cm2(Mpa)                   220-230(21.6-22.6)                        
    Fuel Supply Advance Angle            200±10                                  
    Fuel Capacity(L)                      20                                      
    Fuel mark                     NO.0(Summer)/ No.-10(Winter)             
    Method of Lubrication                  Pressure Splash Compound              
    Lubrication Oil                        SAE10W-30, Level CC above              
    Lubrication Oil Capacity(L)              2.5                                  
    Engine Size (LxWxH) (mm)             525×391×459                           
    Engine Net Weight (Kg)                ≤58Kg                                  
    Machinery Net Weight (Kg)           ≤118Kg                                 
    Speed of Impeller                      >2000r/min                             
    Diameter of Impeller                    11"                                                    


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    plywood case / carton

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    Company information

    Yakai machinery manufacturing co.,ltd. is engaged in researching and developing, manufacturing and selling light diesel power of machinery. It locates in Nantong Development Zone, which is only about 80 kilometers away from Shanghai, enjoying exceptional advantages in geographical position and transport facilities, products can be directly shipped  to the world wide. New plant covers more than 30,000 square meters,  products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions.

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